Tuesday, 18 April 2017 20:04

Russia’s Truce Violations Outnumber Those of Assad in Last Two Days

Truce violations by Russian forces have outnumbered those of Assad's forces over the past two days, according to figures compiled daily by the Syrian Coalition’s media department. Despite proclaiming itself a guarantor of the agreement, Russia has intensified its bombing raids on rebel-held areas in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama, and Idlib over the past two days using internationally prohibited weapons.

The Coalition’s media department said it has recorded no fewer than 50 truce violations by the Russian air force which has carried out dozens of airstrikes on around 40 rebel-held towns villages in the past two days. Regime forces, meanwhile, committed no fewer than 40 truce violations on Sunday and Monday.

Assad regime and Russian forces have violated the truce on over 840 occasions since April 1, the media department said. Regime forces and their allied foreign militias were responsible for 586 truce violations, while Russian forces were responsible for 254.

Activists in rural Hama said that Russian jets on Monday carried out dozens of airstrikes on the towns Kafrzeita, Lataminah, Morek, Taybet Alimam, Kafranabouda, Halfaya, Souran, Buwaidah, and Zwar area. Internationally banned weapons, namely cluster bombs and the white phosphorus, were used in the intensifying airstrikes.

Dozens of Russian airstrikes also hit the towns of Khan Sheikhoun, Jisr Alshughour Halloz, Habeet, Tal Mardikh, Babsaka, Tamana’a, Sarja, Ruwayha, Benien, Muntar, and Tal Thahab in rural Idlib on Monday.

Activists in rural Aleppo, meanwhile, said that the Russian jets raided the towns of Daret Izza, Kubtan Aljabal, Ainjara, Qassimiya, and Sheikh Aqil in western rural Aleppo as well as the town of Yaqid Aladass in northern rural Aleppo. The airstrikes left dozens of civilian casualties. Airstrikes intentionally targeted a hospital in the village of Shinan, putting the facility out of service and injuring members of the medical staff. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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