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Saturday, 01 March 2014 11:25

Syrian Coalition: Assad Regime Not Interested in Meeting its Obligations or Preserving Lives of Syrians

Khalid Saleh, head of the Media Office, denounced the Assad regime's closing of Babila crossing in rural Damascus, which was opened for one day only after the truce that was signed with the FSA in order to lift the siege and to deliver humanitarian and medical aid to the besieged civilians. "This proves that the Assad regime does not care about the life of the Syrian people and that it does not intend to meet its international obligations with regard to allowing the entry of humanitarian aid. The Assad regime pursues inhuman and immoral policies to keep its hold on power," Saleh stresses. He also said that "laying siege to civilian population to subdue them constitutes direct breach of international humanitarian law. This also demonstrates the regime's disregard of the international community and UN Security Council Resolution No.2139, which demands immediate lifting of the siege imposed on Syrian cities and giving unhindered access of relief and humanitarian convoys to the besieged areas." organizations to " Furthermore, Louay Safi, spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, warned of the regime’s attempts to sign a truce with opposition forces in some areas “to use it as an interim step in order to regroup his forces and deploy them to other areas within the country to ease up pressure on the capital. "The Assad regime still insists on using siege of civilians as a card to put pressure on the opposition forces, which proves that that these forces are an integral part of the civilian population. The Assad regime has been applying collective punishment on the Syrian people who rose up against tyranny and to build a free and democratic state," (Source: Syrian Coalition)