Monday, 24 April 2017 19:34

Syrian Coalition: Assad's Departure Has Been Internationally Agreed

An official in the Syrian Coalition said that the departure of Bashar al-Assad and his family has been internationally agreed, calling on all Syrians to work together to build a new Syria.

Member of the Syrian Coalition and former vice-president Hisham Marwa said that a radical change has taken place in the Syrian file during the past few days. Marwa noted that international actors, led by the United States, have clearly defined its final position of Bashar al-Assad and his family in view of the war crimes they continue to commit against the Syrian people.

Marwa pointed out that the biggest challenge facing revolutionary and opposition forces is "to develop a clear political program to meet the challenges of the transitional period, the national reconciliation, and transitional justice."

Russia can no longer cover the ongoing crimes of the Assad regime against the Syrian people, Marwa added. He stressed that Moscow should stop supporting Assad and stop covering its crimes "if it wants to be part of the political process."

Marwa went on to say that Russia's support for a regime involved in war crimes against its people amounts to supporting and strengthening terrorism, warning that Russia’s continued support for Assad will cost Moscow a heavy price and will isolate it internationally. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies)

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