Monday, 28 March 2016 19:14

Syrian Coalition Calls on Dara’a FSA Groups to Unite against ISIS

Member of the Syrian Coalition Khatib Badlah called upon the Free Syrian Army groups in Dara’a province to stand united against the Assad regime and ISIS, urging them to relieve FSA groups currently battling ISIS in western rural Dara’a and the Yarmouk Basin.

ISIS-affiliated militants have recently stepped up attacks on the towns of Heit, Tseil and Sahm al-Joulan in western rural Dara’a. A dozen civilians were killed and many more were injured in artillery and rocket shelling by ISIS on the area. Thousands of residents of these villages were also forced flee to the nearby valleys.

Badlah called upon Dara’a young men not to be misled by slogans adopted by ISIS-affiliated militants in western rural Dara’a, calling on those militants to dissociate themselves from ISIS and its extremist ideology.

Badlah renewed confidence in the revolution forces and groups that defend civilians, abide by the principles of the revolution and respect international laws, reaffirming the Syrian Coalition’s commitment to the principles of the revolution and to overthrowing the Assad regime.

From the outset, the Free Syrian Army has stood firmly against extremism in all its forms, Badlah added, stressing that Assad has always been the main sponsor of terrorism as he allowed ISIS to flourish and expand. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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