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Friday, 17 October 2014 10:16

Syrian Coalition: Chemical Attack Jobar Was Buoyed by The World’s Silence

Salem al-Meslet, spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, lashed out at the international community’s silence towards the atrocities committed by regime forces who, buoyed by this silence, attacked the neighborhood of Jobar in Damascus today using toxic chlorine gas. “The international anti-ISIS coalition’s targeting of ISIS militants while ignoring regime forces has been perceived by the Assad regime as a green light to wreak more havoc, destruction, and oppression against the Syrian people,” Meslet said. The chlorine attack on Jobar came after many failed attempts by regime forces to take control of the strategic district though they have been employing all types of weaponry, including new Russian armored vehicles to demolish entire residential buildings. The barbaric onslaught on Jobar Damascus and East Ghouta puts the world in front of its legal, moral and humanitarian responsibilities to take immediate action and put an end to Assad’s wholesale massacres against the Syrian people. Mohamed Khair al-Wazir, member of the Syrian Coalition, has earlier warned of imminent massacres following the regime forces’ offensive on Jobar and East Ghouta using conventional and non- conventional weapons, adding that the residents of Jobar had previously been the victims of chemical weapons that Assad used to commit the most heinous crime in the 21st century.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)