Friday, 12 February 2016 18:06

Syrian Coalition Condemns YPG Attack on Azaz Hospital

Activists said that the National Hospital in the town of Izaz north of Aleppo was attacked by the Kurdish PYD militias who launched an offensive on the outskirts of the town.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Jawad Abu Hatab condemned the attack saying it “aggravates the humanitarian situation in northern Aleppo." Abu Hatab called for stopping all attacks on hospitals and medical centers.

Abu Hatab stressed that PYD practices clearly play into the hands of the Assad regime, adding that they show how the PYD militias are following agendas hostile to the forces of the revolution, which is further proof they are just proxies of the Assad regime.

Abu Hatab went on to say that the Russian warplanes have so far targeted 27 hospitals, health facilities and schools across Syria, inflicting casualties among the medical and teaching staff. He noted that the these attacks are designed to displace the local population and bring about demographic change in Syria.

Abu Mohammed al-Halabi, a male nurse in Azaz National Hospital, said that they had to move the equipment of the hospital to the village of Shammarin near the Turkish border as a result of the PYD militias’ attacks on the town over the past two days.

Halabi pointed out that Azaz hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the liberated areas of Aleppo province in terms of the size of medical and surgical equipment. He added that the hospital is run by Physicians Across Continents, an organization that provides specialized and emergency services to over 500 people a day in addition to having outpatient clinics.

Halabi said that the hospital consists of five departments: surgical care, radiology imaging, emergency, medical analysis, and gynecology and pediatrics. It also has four operating rooms and a staff of nearly 30 doctors and dozens of nurses. An average of15 operations in all specialties were performed in the hospital on a daily basis.

The hospital was partially closed after it was hit by a Russian airstrike less than a month ago. It resumed offering services but on a lower scale as a result of the damage caused by the Russian bombardment. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Anadolu Agency)

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