Monday, 17 February 2014 10:36

Syrian Coalition Congratulates Lebanese for Forming New Government

The Syrian Coalition, on behalf of the Syrian people, congrats Mr. Tammam Salam, Lebanese Prime Minister and all the Lebanese people for formation of the new government. The Syrian Coalition expresses its hope that the new Lebanese government meets success in dealing with Lebanon’s internal affairs and in achieving the demands of the Lebanese people and their pressing economic and social needs. The Syrian Coalition also expresses hope that the formation of the new government reflects positively on the file of Syrian refugees. The Syrian Coalition points out that the first steps to be taken by the new Lebanese Prime Minister should be aimed at the withdrawal of Hezbollah's militia from all Syrian territory in line with Ba’abda statement the latest document of patriarch Al-Raa’i, as the presence of these militias on the Syrian territory represents a flagrant violation of Lebanese and international laws, and a betrayal of the rooted relationship between the two peoples. The Syrian Coalition also stresses that the Lebanese government bears political, legal and moral responsibility for Hezbollah’s’ violations against the Syrian people. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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