Saturday, 29 April 2017 17:37

Syrian Coalition Discusses Situation in Qaboun, Barza & Eastern Ghouta with Local Councils

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Abdah and members of the Coalition’s political committee held two separate teleconferences with members of the local councils in the districts of Qaboun and Barza in Damascus as well as with health officials in eastern Ghouta on Saturday.

Abdah stressed that the war crimes being committed by the Assad regime and its allies in Damascus and its countryside must not go unpunished, adding that Assad's departure has been agreed among the international community.

Nizar, a doctor working in Hayat Hospital in Qaboun, said that the Assad regime and its allies are deliberately targeting hospitals in the rebel-held district. He added that medical facilities in the district are no longer able to meet the medical needs of the local residents.

The Assad regime and Russian air forces have dramatically intensified aerial bombardment on the neighborhoods of Qaboun and Barzah in eastern Damascus as well as on the town of Douma in eastern for over two months. The intensified bombing campaign and crippling siege by regime forces are clearly aimed at forcing the local population in these areas to leave their homes and bring about a demographic change in Damascus and its suburbs.

Deputy Head of the Syrian interim government Akram Tomah gave an overview of the situation in the eastern Ghouta, pointing out that the bombing is targeting residential neighborhoods in particular to force the local population to leave their homes.

Doctor Majid Khanshour of the Unified Medical Office in Eastern Ghouta said that the area is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster because of the severe shortages of medical supplies and equipment. He pointed out that that siege has led to the reemergence of some diseases in the area, which could further aggravate the humanitarian situation for tens of thousands of civilians trapped in the area. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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