Wednesday, 23 August 2017 21:45

Syrian Coalition & FSA Representatives Emphasize Importance of Coordination to Meet Upcoming Challenges

The Syrian Coalition’s political committee met with representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in the presence of President Riad Seif at the Coalition headquarters in Istanbul on Wednesday.

The two sides discussed the latest field and political developments in Syria, most notably the Assad regime and its allies' repeated violations of the ceasefire agreements as well as the role of the guarantors of these agreements in ensuring complete compliance. They also discussed the issues that need to be dealt with urgently, including the delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need.

The meeting also discussed the stalled Geneva process which has not yet seen serious negotiations and ways to push the process forward.

Moreover, the meeting touched on the outcome of the talks which brought together the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) as well as the Cairo and Moscow platforms in the Saudi capital Riyadh earlier this week.

President Seif briefed the FSA representatives about the outcome of the visit by a delegation of the Coalition to Saudi Arabia as well as its meeting with officials in the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Istanbul.

Both sides stressed the importance of coordination with friendly and sisterly countries.

With regards to the upcoming Riyadh 2 opposition conference, President Seif pointed out that the Coalition will focus on the importance of continued coordination between the opposition bodies and all spectra of the Syrian society and civil society organizations. Such coordination is of vital importance to give a boost to the institutions of the Syrian revolution, represented by the Coalition, the FSA, and the HNC to help them meet the challenges during the next phase.

For their part, the FSA representatives stressed they are keen to continue to coordinate with the Coalition and the Syrian Interim Government (SIG). (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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