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Sunday, 04 May 2014 23:55

Syrian Coalition: Homs Truce Proves Assad is an Agent for Iran and Terrorism

Noura Al Ameer, Vice President of the Syrian Coalition, said that the Assad regime seeks to rearrange his military papers inside Homs through the truce reached with rebels in the Old City. “This deal proves that the Assad regime is a puppet manipulated by Iran, and that it is the sole importer of terrorists, and perhaps the exclusive agent of terrorism in the region. This deal also shows that the Assad regime is nothing more than a military arm for the external powers that are trying to impose its dominance on Syria," she said. Al Ameer also slams Assad’s exchange of Iranian and Hezbollah militias for the life-saving food supplies to the besieged civilians, and his use of the loaf of bread as a means of pressure to achieve military and political goals. It has become clear that Assad’s primary goal is changing the demography of Homs by allowing the rebels to evacuate the besieged quarter of the city. “The timing of this truce coincides with the farcical presidential elections the Assad regime intends to hold. Assad must realize that the people who were forced to take up arms as a result of the international silence towards his massacres, will not give up their pursuit of freedom and dignity despite all the odds.” AFP quoted one of the negotiators on the part of rebels as saying “the negotiations have entered a new phase. Negotiations are now underway between Liwa al-Tawhid and regime forces for the release of Iranian officers detained in Aleppo, in exchange for allowing the evacuation of fighters from Homs after receiving guarantees for their safety." The deal includes the release of 20 Iranian militants and an Iranian woman who was detained by rebels at Bab al-Salam border crossing and was wearing an explosive belt. The deal also provides for the evacuation of all rebel fighters trapped in the Old City, estimated between 2200-2400 who will be transferred by buses." The Syrian Coalition said that it is concerned over reports of a deal struck yesterday in Old City, Homs, whereby rebels will evacuate the area to northern Homs. “We fear for the safety of those in Homs, as the regime has always reneged on its promises. Furthermore, this latest deal comes as part of the regime's policy to change the demographics of Homs. Despite the continued heavy shelling, the prolonged siege, and the extreme shortage of ammunition, fighters in Old Homs have shown legendary bravery and strong determination, managing to maintain positions and defend the district for more than two years. The Syrian people will continue their struggle for freedom and dignity, and the victories of the Free Syrian Army will pave the way towards a free and democratic Syria.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)