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Friday, 16 May 2014 12:25

Syrian Coalition: International community is trying to Revive Chances for Political Solution by Irrelevant Mechanisms

Louay Safi, spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, said that the international community is trying to recreate chances for a political solution to the Syrian crisis in the Friends of Syria meeting held in today London. Safi expressed frustration at the international community’s response to Assad’s crimes, stressing that raising the level of representation of the Office of the Syrian Coalition in London to the status of a diplomatic mission is a positive step appreciated by the Syrian people. “However, we hope that this step be followed by practical supporter to change the balance of power on the battlefield, and enable the Syrian people to return to their homes which are occupied by the Assad regime and Hezbollah militiamen.” Safi said. “Such steps alone cannot stop the barrel bombs attacks carried out by Assad forces on Syrian cities and towns, nor can they protect Syrian children from Assad’s chemical weapons. The Syrian people’s will only feel relieved when they return to Homs, Qusair and Yabroud which they driven out from by regime forces in violation of all international norms and conventions.” Furthermore, Safi points out the international community is really trying to save the Syrian people, but the problem is that is employing mechanisms that do not help achieve this goal. In fact, pressure must be put on Iran and al-Maliki government to stop exporting sectarian militias that are aiding Assad in his crimes against the Syrian people. The intransigence and arrogance of Russia in dealing with the Syrian crisis also should be addressed. The failure of the international community to adopt the proper mechanisms to deal with the situation in Syria may Syria a prey for Assad or extremism, which are two sides of the same coin." Safi thanked the European countries which blocked Syrian expatriate’s voting in the presidential elections on their territory. “Assad seeks through these farcical elections to restore the legitimacy he had lost in order to continue to kill civilians and the displacing them under the pretext of fighting terrorism. We call on the Arab countries and our friends to follow suit and not to allow the Assad regime to set up any polling stations on their territory." (Source: Syrian Coalition)