Syrian Coalition Laments the Death of Hundreds of Syrian Immigrants

Political committee member Badr Jamous deeply regrets the ongoing failure of the international community to find a solution for the problem of displaced Syrians who are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to seek refuge in Europe. He said that the death of 900 immigrants, mostly Syrians, off Italy is a real humanitarian disaster that adds to the Syrians’ suffering.

Jamous calls upon the international community to shoulder its legal responsibilities towards the Syrian immigrants, and to look into legitimate ways to transfer them to temporary safe areas until they return to their homes. He also calls for putting an end to human traffickers’ exploitation of the Syrians’ plight.

Jamous lays full responsibility on the Assad regime for the hundreds of Syrian asylum seekers drowning as it has waged full-blown war against them and brutally responded to their demands for freedom and democracy, forcing many of them to flee its death machine.

Moreover, Jamous calls upon the European Union to consider the main reasons behind this tragedy, namely the atrocious practices of the Assad regime, urging it to take urgent and practical steps to protect Syrian civilians and avert potential future tragedies. (Source: Syrian Coalition)