Friday, 29 September 2017 18:27

Syrian Coalition: Moscow Seeking to Exterminate Syrian Revolution Forces

The Syrian Coalition warned that the indiscriminate bombardment on Syrian cities and towns would undermine the political process, stressing that Russia bears full responsibility for its continued support and complicity with the Assad regime's forces in the crimes being committed in Syria.

Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition Salwa Aksoi wared of the consequences of turning a blind eye to the crimes and killings Russia is committing in Syria. She noted that the indiscriminate bombardment "mainly targets civilians and forces of the revolution with the aim of eliminating them."

Aksoi stressed that Moscow will be fully responsible should the political process stalls or completely collapses.

The local council in the town of Jisr al-Shughour declared the town a disaster area as a result of the intense aerial bombardment by the Assad regime Russian air forces.

"We declare the town of Jisr al-Shughour a disaster area as a result of the relentless bombardment on residential areas and civilian facilities. The bombings forced all residents of the town to flee to neighboring villages,” the council said in statement.

The statement called on humanitarian and medical organizations to address the dire conditions in the town resulting from the intense bombardment. It also stressed the need for urgent action to help the IDPs and those still trapped in the town.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Education in Aleppo announced it was suspending schools in the towns and villages of western and southern rural Aleppo for dear of the indiscriminate aerial bombardment by the Assad regime and Russian air forces. It described the targeting of schools as "cowardly aggression" and called for holding perpetrators to account.

The Directorate of Education of the Syrian Interim Government called for stopping the Russian air strikes targeting schools in the province, indicating that the bombings destroyed two schools frequented by hundreds of students.

The Directorate pointed out that Russia's continued breaches of the “de-escalations zones” agreement and its targeting of schools deprived more than 150,000 schoolchildren of education after the Directorate suspended schools for fear of bombardment.

Russian air force on Friday carried out over 65 airstrikes on Idlib province, targeting 31 towns and villages across the province. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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