Saturday, 21 June 2014 11:03

Syrian Coalition: Refugee Crisis Can be Solved Only When Iran Withdraws its Militias

On the World Refugee Day, political committee member Alia Mansour, calls on the international community "to shoulder its responsibility in addressing the Syrian refugee crisis. The horrific humanitarian crisis is caused by Assad’s systematic crimes against the Syrian people to bring them down to their knees. However, all these crimes are faced by unprecedented silence, and the refugee crisis cannot be solved through the provision of relief aid, but through the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution the militias of Iran and Hezbollah to pull out of all Syrian territory.” Mansour also stresses that the crisis can be solved through supporting the mainstream Syrian rebels, creating safe havens inside Syria and imposing a no-fly-zone over Syria to neutralize Assad’s air. The huge numbers of refugees today reflect the tragic situation in which they live as a result of Assad’s tenacity and insistence on clinging to power. We highly applaud the sacrifice, strength, and determination of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons, whose homes and lives were destroyed by a brutal regime. The number of Syrian refugees, including unregistered refugees, in neighboring countries is 3,550,000 and the number of internally displaced people exceeds 6 million. Most face dire circumstances and struggle on a daily basis against hunger, cold, heat, thirst, and disease. Thousands of civilians remain trapped in regime-besieged areas, including internally displaced people, where regime forces deny relief organizations access to deliver aid. The Syrian Coalition commends the work of countries hosting Syrian refugees especially Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. Those countries are carrying the heaviest burden of accommodating the ever increasing numbers of Syrians fleeing the violence in Syria. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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