Friday, 09 December 2016 16:37

Syrian Coalition: Russia Has Not Halted Military Operations in Besieged Eastern Aleppo

An official in the Syrian Coalition denied Russia’s claims that military operations in besieged eastern Aleppo were suspended. Osama Taljou, a member of the Coalition, stressed that "military operations by the Assad and Russian forces on Aleppo has continued without a pause.” He said that intense shelling targeted the neighborhoods of Sheikh Saeed and Jub Aljalabi in eastern Aleppo, alongside attempts by regime forces and the Iranian-backed foreign militias to advance into the two neighborhoods.

Taljou called upon the United Nations to issue a binding resolution demanding a halt to the bombardment on civilians, calling for pressure on Russia to stop its support for the regime’s terrorist attacks that caused the death of over 1,000 civilians in Aleppo in the past three weeks.

Head of the Coalition’s legal committee Haitham Maleh said that Russia continues to unashamedly lie to Syrians and the international community. He stressed that Russia has sided with the Assad regime form the start because both the regimes in Damascus and Moscow have the same mafia-like mentality.

"Russia is denying the Syrians their right to self-determination by consolidating its hold on Syria,” Maleh said. He added that for Moscow, the end justifies the means, noting that Russia and the Assad regime are determined to carry on with their terrorist attacks on Aleppo and other Syrian towns and cities.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Kifah Murad said that Russia will not halt its military operations against Syrian civilians unless real pressure from the international community has been exerted. She pointed out that the only option today in front of the Syrian people is to hold fast and resist regime forces and their allied foreign militias. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office)

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