Friday, 26 July 2019 16:55

Syrian Coalition Sends Letter to Arab, Foreign States & Orgs about Assad & Russia’s Atrocities in Idlib & Hama

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas al-Abda sent a letter to 26 friendly states, the Islamic Cooperation Organization, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Arab League about the atrocities taking place against civilians in Idlib and Hama as a result of the onslaught the Assad regime and Russia have launched in the region since late April.

“It is with great urgency that I write to you on behalf of the Coalition and the Syrian People as a whole to draw your attention to the catastrophic situation on the ground in Hama and Idlib provinces,” President al-Abda said.

The letter stressed that the Assad regime and Russian forces are deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure, including healthcare facilities, schools, civil defense centers, and places of worship. These attacks have left dozens of people missing, injured, and trapped under the rubble of bombed buildings. 

Moreover, President al-Abda said that these attacks amounted to war crimes as he stressed that the international community is to blame as it remains silent.

“The victims of these attacks are not only the victims of the Assad regime and its allies, but also the victims of the international community’s inaction and indifference.”

The letter went on: “It is clear that the Assad regime and its allies will insist on pursuing their policies, and continue to refuse any options other than mass murder of anyone that opposes the Assad regime. It is imperative, therefore, that the international community shoulder its responsibility with regard to the ongoing atrocities.”

The letter reaffirmed that the United Nations and the international community “are capable of and have an obligation to put an end to these crimes.”

Furthermore, President al-Abda said that the ongoing atrocities were aimed at undermining efforts to responsibly and seriously engage in a political process under the auspices of the United Nations in accordance with the relevant resolutions, including UNSCR 2254 (2015).

The letter warned of the consequences of the ongoing deadly attacks in rural Hama and Idlib province, home to more than four million civilians, many of whom are IDPs multiple times.

“The continuation of this military campaign risks to create a new wave of refugees’ exodus beyond the Syrian borders.”

“We count on the good will and efforts of your government to swiftly address this critical situation with an immediate ceasefire, provision of humanitarian assistance including resumption of aid to health care facilities, and ultimately help the Syrian people fulfill their just demands of freedom, justice and dignity.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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