Syrian Coalition Welcomes Navi Pillay’s Latest Findings

Haitham al-Maleh, head of the Legal Committee, said that Navi Pillay’s call to refer the Syrian file to the International Criminal Court is a “positive step that will restore trust between the UN Human Rights Council and the Syrian people, who have been victimized by the Assad regime and its regional allies.” We also hope that the permanent members of the UN Security Council seek to rebuild confidence with the Syrians and not veto this resolution to confiscate the lives of others. This is the least that should be done to save what is left of Syria.  Assad, while continuing to destroy Syria, is trying to mislead world public opinion about what’s really going on in Syria. “The U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay’s statements to reporters prompted Assad’s U.N. envoy to accuse her of acting like an irresponsible “lunatic,” because she was unbiased.” Moreover, Maleh stresses that there is no criminal in Syria but Assad and his gangs. “We should not forget Assad’s remarks to the delegation of the Jordanian Bar when he acknowledged that he has fighters inside the Syrian opposition and vowed to use them any time he wants.” The violations that Pillay blamed on the opposition fighters were in fact committed by Assad’s fighters whom he infiltrated into some opposition factions. However, we do not deny the presence of some individual violations committed by oppositions fighters, who were forced to take up arms as a result of Assad’s heinous crimes against their families and his brutal crackdown on the peaceful demonstrations that swept Syria.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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