Thursday, 25 December 2014 09:59

Syrian Coalition Wishes Syrian Christians a Merry Christmas

The Syrian Coalition would like to take this opportunity to wish Syria’s Christians peace and joy on this occasion. Hadi Al-Bahra, President of the Syrian Coalition, said that “over the past four years, Syrians have missed observing holidays and special occasions and instead have been observing sadness, pain, displacement and detention by the Assad regime. Christmas Eve has come with the blessings that Syrians of all different stripes have always welcomed with merriment and anticipation. Every year, this blessed occasion raises hopes that the sacrifices, the blood of the fallen heroes, the patience of the mothers, the steadfastness of the detainees, the pains of the wounded, and the suffering of the displaced would eventually give birth to a new Syria that is free of tyranny, injustice and oppression. Hopefully this day would be the beginning of victory and salvation of the unspeakable suffering that Syrians have been enduring, and an occasion for us all to reaffirm our commitment to standing by the right and to regaining our freedom and dignity.” (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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