Tuesday, 30 April 2019 21:17

Syrian Negotiations Commission Says ‘Assad Lost the War’ in Response to Putin’s Remarks

The Syrian Negotiations Commission stressed that the Assad regime “is currently in its worst state” as it described the regime as “too embattled” in response to the remarks Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently made at the Beijing summit.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Commission noted that the features of the Assad regime’s defeat and its loss of control cannot be denied neither by Syrians at home or abroad or by observers and scholars who describe the dire situation the regime is currently in.

This Assad regime will be forced to sell and lease the majority of the assets of the Syrian economy, which will deprive the Syrian people of the resources for reconstruction and burden them with heavy debts and long-term external obligations, the Commission said. It added that the Assad regime is seeking to gain more time to stay in power and avoids engaging in a political solution.

“From an objective, logical point of view, the regime controls barely 60 percent of Syria’s territory while half of the population live outside its areas after the systematic, mass forced displacement. It would not have made any military progress on the ground without external support. As it survives on the external lifeline, it cannot fight a single military battle without the help of the Russian air force and the foreign sectarian militias. These facts were confirmed by as officials of those countries.”

The Commission also pointed out that it made it clear to the Russian side, the international community and the United Nations that they seek a just political solution based on international resolutions to achieve a real, comprehensive political transition towards a democratic system of rule that is based on the rule of law, freedom and equality. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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