Thursday, 01 October 2015 18:01

Syrian Revolution Now a National Liberation Movement

Secretary of the political committee Anas al-Abdah stated that the Russian military aggression and the Iranian occupation of Syria have turned Syrian Revolution form a struggle against an authoritarian regime to a national liberation movement.

He said that forces of the Syrian revolution will now reconsider the rules of dealing with the direct Russian aggression, pointing out that the political committee will meet today with representative of rebel factions to put together joint steps in order to address the current developments.

Abdah stresses that the Russia's direct military intervention in Syria and its bombardment of civilian targets in Homs and Hama in direct coordination with the Assad regime is doing exactly what the Assad regime has been doing for over four years. He said that Russia’s targeting of purely civilian targets belies its claims about intervening to counter ISIS.

He points out that the Russian aggression undermines chances of reaching a political solution in Syria and bring it back to square one, noting that the UN Security Council must assume its responsibilities and intervene to stop the Russian aggression on Syria and return to the track of political solution. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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