Tuesday, 03 May 2016 15:27

Tammo: Syria’s Kurds Denounce PYD Heinous Practices

Member of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Hamid Tammo said that the practices of the PYD militia do not differ from those of ISIS, adding that PYD has become the Kurdish version of ISIS.

Tammo, who is also member of the Kurdish Future Movement, denounced the parading of bodies of killed FSA fighters by the PYD militants in the town of Afrin last week. “This despicable act harms the Kurds as it will be attributed to all the Kurds, not only to the PYD militias,” Tammo said.

“We in the Kurdish Future Movement released a statement denouncing the terror practices of this organization.”

Tammo pointed out that the PYD serves the goals of Russia and the Assad regime who seek to fuel ethnic tensions between the Kurds and the Arabs. “The PYD receives orders from the terrorist PKK group entrenched in Qandil Mountain in northern Iraq.”

Tammo played down the clashes that broke out between PYD militants and regime forces in the town of Qamishli last month, adding that the two sides will not end the marriage of convenience that has characterized their relationship since the start of the Syrian revolution. (Source: Anadolu Agency)

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