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26 August 2017 In Coalition News

Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition Nazir Hakim said that the Coalition’s current strategy is aimed at enabling the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) to implement the services projects and public policies that were developed in preparation for the transitional phase that will follow the political solution without Bashar al-Assad.

In a meeting with Australis’s Ambassador to Turkey, Marc Innes-Brown, Hakim called on all friends of the Syrian people, including Australia, to support the Geneva negotiations to reach a political solution in which Bashar al-Assad and his clique do not have any role to play. Hakim stressed that the Coalition is keen to provide full support for the opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) as well as its delegation and logistics team in Geneva to help them succeed in their tasks and unify the Syrian opposition groups into one negotiating delegation.

For his part, the Australian ambassador stressed his country's support for the rights of the Syrian people and the efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution through the Geneva negotiations. Innes-Brown stressed that the Assad regime has committed crimes against its people, especially with the use of chemical weapons. All international investigations proved the regime’s responsibility for the use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians.

Hakim called for providing support through SIG and the legitimate local councils to ensure that support ends up in the liberated areas, not in the areas under the control of the Assad regime or terrorist groups.

SIG’s development of many services projects would build up confidence among the Syrians in the ability of SIG’s staff to provide services to the civilian population, Hakim added. He stressed that this will restrict the ability of terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda, to influence civilians through the reduction of the need for the services being provided by these groups. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies)

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