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05 August 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition reaffirmed support for demonstrators who took to the streets of many towns and villages across Syria on Friday.

In a press release issued on Saturday, the Coalition said that thousands of Syrians participated in the demonstrations whose aim was “to preserve the true character of the revolution.”

The Coalition stressed that the Syrian people will not accept any attempts to pressure them into giving up their demands for freedom, justice and dignity.

“Preserving the unity of the Syrian people and the integrity of Syria’s territory is only option that is acceptable to the Syrian people under a new free, democratic system of rule that guarantees respect for human rights, freedom, and dignity,” the Coalition added.

The Coalition highly praised the demonstrations that took to the streets on Friday “to reaffirm commitment to the guiding principles of the revolution and its demands.”

“The Friday demonstrations carried abundantly clear, unmistakable messages that need no further explanation or interpretation as evidenced by the flag of the Syrian revolution which was raised above all other flags and banners.”

The Coalition went on: “Rallying around the flag of the revolution, the Syrian people have once again showed unshakeable determination to regain their legitimate rights and to keep on the path set for them by the flag of the revolution to freedom and salvation from all forms of injustice, tyranny, terrorism, and extremism.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

05 August 2017 In Coalition News

Mohamed Ali Al-Husseini, Secretary-General of the Arab Islamic Council, denounced Hezbollah's "malicious attempts to deport the Syrian refugees from Lebanon and send them to die at the hands of the murderous Assad's forces,” during a meeting with the President of the Syrian Coalition Riad Seif in Istanbul.

Al-Husseini stressed that "Hezbollah's involvement in the crushing of the Syrian people does not reflect the true Shiite or Lebanese position, but is rather designed to serve the Iranian agenda that is aimed at extending the Persian influence in the region."

Hezbollah’s actions in Arsal risk deepening the sectarian divisions in the region, Al-Husseini added.

The Saudi Al-Watan newspaper cited Al-Husseini as saying that "the difficult conditions Syria and the Syrian revolution are going through will not dissuade the Syrian people from pursuing the national struggle to achieve their legitimate goals of freedom, democracy, and dignity."

Al-Husseini pointed out that the only viable solution in Syria is the one that guarantees a transition to a new phase in which a Syrian national authority is established and led by the Syrian Coalition.

In all the contacts maintained with the regional and international players, the Arab Islamic Council has always sought to support the independence of the Syrian revolution and to distance Syria from the repercussions of the internationalization of the Syrian crisis, Al-Husseini added. He said that the Assad regime is trying to survive by playing on the international and regional contradictions, which confirms that it lost legitimacy and that it will have no role in the future of Syria.

Al-Husseini went on say that the battle the Hezbollah militias have recently fought in the Arsal area has nothing to do with the Syrian and Lebanese peoples. The battle was in fact a regional struggle between terrorist groups and has nothing to do with the Syrian revolution.

Al-Husseini concluded his remarks by stressing that the Lebanese people refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the murderous regime as they stand by the Syrian people in the battle to defend themselves and regain their dignity. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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