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03 July 2018 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition’s Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday met with a delegation from the Norwegian Embassy in Ankara to discuss the latest field developments in southern Syria and the war crimes the Assad regime and its allies are committing against civilians.

Head of the Department, Abdel Ahad Steifo said that what is happening in Dara’a cannot be tolerated, calling for the activation of the international neutral mechanism to hold war criminals in Syria to account.

Steifo stressed the need for immediate international action in order to save the lives of civilians in Dara’a and to stop the brutal military campaign claiming the lives of hundreds of civilians and wounding thousands more.

Steifo also stressed the need to deliver humanitarian aid to the people who have been displaced as a result of the Assad regime’s assault and who exceeded 270,000 people according to United Nations estimates.

The Assad regime has pursued a clear strategy of military escalation with the beginning of every important political process, Steifo said. "The Assad regime is one again seeking to block international efforts to find a real political solution."

Steifo went on to say that Assad allies always talk about the need for political solution and the implementation of international resolutions while pursuing a bloody military solution affecting millions of innocent people.

Steifo pointed out that the Coalition renewed its warning of the occurrence of humanitarian disasters should the international community continues to ignore the crimes taking against civilians. He noted that civilians are still waiting for the United Nations to intervene in order to save their lives. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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