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21 November 2019 In Coalition News

A delegation from the Syrian National Coalition met with members of the Syrian community in the Turkish province of Hatay as part of meetings organized by the Office of Strategic Consulting to inform the community on the latest political and on the ground developments and listen to the community's observations and vision of what is happening.

Member of the political committee and Coordinator of the Office of Strategic Consulting, Ahmed Ramadan, said that the Syrian crisis is at an important crossroad. He pointed out that the developments east of the Euphrates dealt a "severe blow" to terrorist organizations, pointing to the possibility of the revolution and opposition forces to benefit from these developments by providing services and security for the people after their areas have been freed.

Ramadan also pointed to the developments related to the ongoing popular uprisings in Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran, pointing out that they are in the interest of the Syrian people. He said that weakening the Iranian regime and liberating the people of the region from its hegemony will help the Syrian people in achieve the goals of their revolution.

Secretary of the political committee and member of the Constitutional Committee, Riad Al-Hassan, talked about the first round of the meetings of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva. He said there were repeated attempts by the regime to derail negotiations, adding that the regime avoided engagement in the discussion of constitutional provisions. He pointed to the efforts of the opposition team to cooperate with the United Nations with the aim of drawing up an agenda and directly engaging in the negotiations in the second round due to begin on November 25.

Al-Hassan answered questions about the position of the constitutional process in the political process. He said that the Syrian Negotiations Commission urged the UN envoy to activate the rest of the tracks of negotiations, stressing that the drafting of a new constitution should be in parallel with the creation of a safe, neutral environment, which means that political transition is at the heart of the political process.

Member of the political committee and the Constitutional Committee, Yasser Farhan, talked about the legal aspect in the drafting of the constitution, noting that the opposition delegation has developed several scenarios to deal with the negotiating process in accordance with the goals of the revolution and the demands of the Syrian people.

He said that the regime delegation tried more than once to derail the negotiations by focusing on issues not related to the Constitution and evaded regular meetings. He also said that the success of the work of the Constitutional Committee depends on developing a clear strategy, listening to the demands of the people, and achieving the goals of the revolution.

Member of the political committee and Coordinator of the Communities Office, Mohammed Yahya Maktabi, talked about the role of the Syrians in the Diaspora in supporting the revolution. He stressed the importance of organizing the work of the community and increasing its effectiveness and taking advantage of the potential of the members of the Syrian community in Hatay, which number more than 450,000 people who include people with extensive civil and military expertise.

He stressed that the Coalition is keen on helping strengthen the role of the community and communicate with them, organize joint activities, and benefit from the expertise available inside the community.

Participants in the meeting included defecting army officers, fighters from the coastal front, representatives of the Free Syrian Northern Community, Hama Social Club, and other bodies. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

21 November 2019 In Coalition News

A delegation from the Syrian National Coalition visited the Representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Hatay, Ambassador Serdar Cengiz and discussed with him the living conditions of Syrian nationals in the province and ways to improve the services being provided for them.

The Coalition’s delegation was headed by the Coordinator of the Communities Office, Mohammed Yahya Maktabi and included member of the Coalition, Fatih Hassoun, and representative of the Coalition in Hatay, Adnan al-Shighri.

The Coalition delegation talked about the problems facing the Syrian community in Hatay and their basic needs as well as the difficulties that hinder the work of service institutions. The delegation put forward proposals and suggestions to resolve these problems.

The delegation also talked about the suffering of displaced persons in the liberated areas and the IDP camps along the border with Turkey, especially with the onset of winter. They said that this requires urgent action by all countries, organizations and institutions to meet the basic needs and help the IDP prepare for the cold winter.

The delegation thanked the Ambassador and the Turkish people for their continued support for the Syrian people and their just cause and quest for freedom and dignity. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

21 November 2019 In Coalition News

Head of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) Abdurrahman Mustafa and a number of SIG ministers toured the town of Al-Bab in northern rural Aleppo. They visited the institutions in the town and met with the local people and listened to their needs in the wake of the terrorist bombing that targeted the main market on Saturday.

SIG’s delegation began the tour by visiting the main hospital in the town and the wounded who were injured in the terrorist bombing. Mustafa ascertained their conditions as he wished them speedy recovery. He also visited families of the victims and extended his condolences.

Mustafa also met with the head of the local council in the town to discuss the security situation and the best ways to restore stability to the town and the rest of the liberated areas.

Mustafa stressed the need to control security and the need for elements of the police force and public security to fully assume their duties and prevent further attacks. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

21 November 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition’s political committee on Thursday held its regular meeting and discussed the situation on the ground and the deadly attack the Iranian militias committed against innocent civilians in Qah IDP camp in rural Idlib late on Wednesday.

Members of the committee strongly condemned the “heinous crime” of targeting a camp for displaced persons with cluster bombs. They called on the United Nations to launch an investigation into the attack, identify the perpetrators, and hold them accountable before the International Criminal Court.

Members of the committee also discussed the latest developments in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, noting that the people of the region could no longer tolerate the malicious acts by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and other sectarian terrorist militias taking their orders from the Iranian regime.

Members of the Coalition in the Syrian Negotiations Commission gave a detailed overview of the meeting the Commission held in the past two days. They also talked about the progress in the work of the Constitutional Committee and the final preparations for the next meeting due to begin at the UN Office in Geneva on Monday.

Coordinators of the Coalition’s internal offices submitted reports on their work to follow up on the situation of Syrian civilians in the liberated areas. The discussions also touched on the legal status of Syrian nationals in Turkey. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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