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12 December 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition’s political committee on Thursday held its regular meeting to discuss the latest on the ground and political developments in Syria. Coalition President, Anas al-Abda, took part in the meeting.

Members of the committee discussed the on the ground and military reports as well as the massacres taking place against civilians in Idlib province as a result of continued bombardment and shelling by the Assad regime and its backers.

They stressed that these crimes are part of a relentless campaign to exterminate and displace civilians and destroy their towns and villages. They said that the international community has an obligation to put an end to these massacres; protect civilians; and enforce international resolutions on Syria, most importantly the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Resolution 2254.

Coordinators of the Coalition’s departments gave an overview of the results of their recent visits to the United States and the European Union.

They also discussed the results of the latest Astana meeting as they underscored the need to establish a ceasefire, ensure protection for civilians in accordance with international humanitarian law, ensure the release of detainees, ensure increased humanitarian assistance, and ensure the creation of a safe, neutral environment to allow the safe, voluntary return of refugees and the IDPs to their places of origin. They also reiterated that there is no military solution in Syria as they stressed the need to push the UN-led political process forward.

Members of the committee also discussed the latest developments in the Caesar Act which is expected to be ratified by Washington in the coming period, stressing the importance of such laws to hold perpetrators of war crimes in Syria to account and to prevent impunity. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

12 December 2019 In Coalition News

Secretary-General of the Syrian National Coalition, Abdelbaset Abdullatif, and members of the Coalition’s presidential body and political committee met Deputy Chair of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Hatay province, Mr. Necdet Berk, and discussed with him the affairs of the Syrian community in the cities of Hatay and Reyhanli and ways to improve their living conditions.

Abdullatif praised the warm welcome given to the Syrian refugees in Turkey, stressing that both the Turkish government and people have stood with the Syrian people through thick and thin out of deep sense of their humanitarian duty towards their Syrian brethren.

Member of the political committee, Ahmed Ramadan, stressed the importance of the efforts being made by the Turkish authorities in the province to organize the work of the Syrian community. He also stressed the need for constant communication with the Turkish authorities as he praised the efforts to organize training and rehabilitation programs for Syrian refugees.

Member of the political committee, Abdul Majeed Barakat, pointed to the importance of educating the Syrian community on the Turkish laws as essential to sparing them many of the problems facing them in Turkey. He called for cooperation with the official Turkish institutions in this regard.

For his part, Berk welcomed the suggestions put forward by the Coalition members, stressing the importance of the issues that were raised during the meeting and the ideas presented to follow up on the affairs of the Syrian nationals in Turkey.

The two sides stressed the bonds of friendship and historical relationship between the Syrian and Turkish peoples and the importance of strengthening the bonds of fraternity and cooperativeness. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

12 December 2019 In Coalition News

Oqab Yahya, Vice-president of the Syrian National Coalition, stressed that the Assad regime's continued war crimes in Idlib province indicated its insistence on carrying on with the violence it is using to disrupt the political process that is needed tp put an end to the suffering of the Syrian people.

Yahya said that the Assad regime insists on pursuing its bloody policies not only on the ground, but also in international forums where its delegations insists on the same discourse and accusing those who went out for freedom and dignity of being terrorists.

Reports by dozens of international institutes and think tanks are completely convinced that the survival of Bashar Al-Assad in power in Syria means the continuation of the cycle of killing and destruction. He pointed out that Bashar Al-Assad is the biggest obstacle in the way of any real political solution in Syria.

Yahya went on to say that “Assad will not voluntarily leave power just like any other dictator in the world, but may step aside only when he effectively loses his security and military powers as well as financial privileges. The major actors, therefore, have no option but to reduce Assad’s influence and deprive him of these privileges until he is forced to step aside.”

Yahya was commenting on a report recently issued by the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) which stressed that the survival of Bashar al-Assad is a serious obstacle to achieving peace in Syria and that there is no option but to remove him from power.

The ISW, whose members include retired senior US generals and is considered closely linked to the Pentagon, noted that Assad and his inner circle are seeking to disrupt all international effort to resolve the Syrian crisis through diplomatic means.

The report recommended that the United States expand its role and work to revitalize a new diplomatic process in parallel with economic pressure and restricting Bashar al-Assad's access to funds and prevent him from misappropriating humanitarian aid. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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