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09 July 2019 In Coalition News

Yasser Farhan, member of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee, stressed the importance of documenting the war crimes being committed by the Assad regime and its allies in Syria as well as the PYD militia against civilians.

Farhan praised the writer Ibrahim al-Habash’s issuance of his book “The Crimes of the PYD Militia” which highlighted the militia’s deliberate murder of civilians, the assassinations, enforced disappearance, and child recruitment.

Farhan reaffirmed commitment to redress the victims and hold the criminals to account, reiterating that the Coalition considers the PYD militia a terrorist organization that is responsible for widespread violations and crimes against civilians.

Moreover, Farhan stressed the existence of close cooperation between the PYD militia and the Assad regime. He pointed out that the Assad regime supplied the PYD with money and weapons. It also handed over large areas and government institutions to the PYD militia to suppress the revolution and silence demands for freedom and democracy on the regime’s behalf.

Farhan called on the international community to end its support for the PYD militia, noting that this militia uses that support in committing crimes and suppressing freedoms.

Local media quoted Ibrahim al-Habash as saying: "The book relied on victims’ testimony, some of whom attended the signing ceremony.” He noted that other parts of the book will be published in the future to include the remaining violations that were not covered by the book. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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