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23 August 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition’s political committee and coordinators of the Coalition’s offices on Friday met with representatives of local bodies and councils in the Coalition’s office in rural Aleppo. Both sides discussed the latest developments in rural Hama and Idlib as well as the barbaric military campaign being launched by the Assad and Russian and Iranian forces.

The discussions included the Coalition's diplomatic and political efforts to bring an end to the Assad regime’s onslaught on northwestern Syria. Both sides also discussed the tragedy being experienced by the people of Idlib and rural Hama and the dire conditions facing civilians who were forced by the ruthless shelling and systematic destruction to flee once again. Participants in the meeting called on the international humanitarian organizations to provide the necessary support for civilians who are staying out in the open.

During its meeting with representatives of the northeastern region, the political committee gave an overview of the arrangements for the establishment of a safe zone east of the Euphrates River. It listened to suggestions and proposals of the representatives of rural Hama and Idlib province. It also met with the Rural Damascus Provisional Council, the Free Bar Association, the Commission for the Release of Detainees, and the General Commission of the Eastern Region, Jarablus Sector.

The political committee highlighted the current situation in the ‘de-escalation zone,’ especially the bombings, destruction and mass displacement of the civilian population. The committee also gave an overview of the latest developments in the political process and the future of the east of the Euphrates River. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

23 August 2019 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition’s Department of Foreign Relations held a number of important meetings with officials and diplomats from the US State Department, Germany, France, and Denmark with the aim of urging the governments of those countries to take serious, concrete stances and ensure an end to the crimes the Assad regime and Russian forces are committing in Idlib and northern rural Hama.

Coordinator of the Department, Abdel Ahad Steifo, said that the discussions were focused on the need for serious international action to establish a ceasefire and protect civilians in northwestern Syria.

Steifo pointed out that the Assad regime and Russia's deliberate targeting of vital civilian centers is aimed at forcing Syrian civilians to surrender or leave their homes. He stressed that these attacks constituted war crimes under the international law and the international humanitarian law.

Steifo also stressed the importance of the resumption of humanitarian and medical aid to civilians in the region and not to allow the Assad regime and Russia to put more pressure on civilians and rebel fighters alike.

Moreover, Steifo warned of the impact of the situation in Idlib on the political process and the launch of the Constitutional Committee. He underscored the need to uphold international resolutions, noting that the Assad regime and Russia’s insistence on a bloody military solution outside the framework of the UN resolutions would undermine the credibility of the United Nations.

The Department also held telephone conversations with EU officials during which it highlighted the dire situation of the IDPs resulting from the ruthless bombardment and shelling by the Assad regime and Russian forces.

Steifo stressed that “there is no Idlib after Idlib,” as he warned of new mass waves of refugees, especially as the province of Idlib is home to around four million people. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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