On Lebanese Army’s Storming & Destruction of Yasamin Camp for Syrian Refugees

Press Release
Syrian Coalition
Department of Media and Communications
April 26, 2019

The Syrian Coalition condemns the onslaught carried out by elements of the Lebanese army and their destruction of the Yasamin camp for Syrian refugees on Wednesday. The camp belongs to the Union of Relief and Development Associations.

The camp used to provide emergency services for refugees under an agreement with the Lebanese Ministry of the Interior and the UN refugee agency. The storming and demolition of the camp violated law and the above-mentioned agreement as well as international norms on the protection of refugees.

It is imperative that the Lebanese authorities launch a full investigation into this crime, release those who were detained, and compensate those who were affected. All necessary measures need to be taken to hold those involved to account and prevent a repeat of such act.

This horrible act amounting to an act of terror is clearly aimed at terrorizing the Syrian refugees; putting more pressure on them; and depriving them of their legal rights. These developments represent a new step in the way of increasing the pressure on the Syrian refugees as well as on the organizations supporting them in preparation for new campaigns of forced repatriation.

The Syrian Coalition renews its rejection of any attempts to force the Syrian refugees to return to Syria in the current conditions involving serious risks posed by the Assad regime and its allied terrorist militias, chief among them are the Hezbollah Militia and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps. These attempts, while violating the International Law, require the creation of the appropriate conditions for the voluntary, dignified return as part of a genuine political solution.