On Russian Latest Moves to Seize more Syrian Territory

Press release
Syrian Opposition Coalition – Syria
Department of Media and Communications
May 30, 2020

Russia insists on pressing forward with its occupation project of Syria with the complicity and total submission of the head of the regime who chose to hand over the country to the foreign occupation rather than respecting the will of the Syrian people.

The Russian President’s latest decisions to seize more naval installations and areas in Syria come in the context of exploiting the impotent international position and an attempt to legitimize the Russian occupation of Syria.

The projects designed to consolidate the plans aimed at stealing the Syrian people and dividing their resources amongst gangs, terrorist militias and the occupation forces are hostile projects. The Syrian people will confront these schemes and hold those standing behind them to account.

All the agreements that the Assad regime is reaching are null and void. We reaffirm that international sanctions must take effect against countries that cooperate with the regime and violate international resolutions.

In the name of all Syrians, the Syrian Opposition Coalition rejects and condemns all the so-called agreements and or understandings being reached by the Assad regime. It stresses that these agreements are illegal and cannot be accepted under any circumstances as they are being reached in the absence of the legitimate representation of the Syrian people.

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