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Wednesday, 12 February 2020 20:09

Russia's Repetition of Lies Won’t Turn them into Facts

Press release
Syrian National Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
February 12, 2020

The repetition of blatant lies on the media will not turn them into facts, nor will it succeed in covering up the truth which was confirmed by the thousands of civilian casualties, the bombing of hospitals, schools, and public markets, the hundreds of thousands of displaced people, and the atrocities being documented by local and international human rights organizations.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has recently claimed that Russia does not attack the civilian population, and that its attacks are directed exclusively against “terrorist groups.” The truth cannot be covered up as Russia’s crimes are taking place in front of the eyes of the whole world.

State terrorism is more dangerous than any other form of terrorism. Indeed, our people have suffered at the hands of Russia and its allies more than they have suffered at the hands of terrorist organizations. The terrorist organizations that emerged in Syria are but a tool in the hands of those regimes that they use to intimidate the Syrian people and the world.

Everyone who committed war crimes against the Syrian people will eventually be brought to justice, including those who arrested, kidnapped, and tortured detainees in prisons, used chemical weapons and barrel bombs, bombed schools, hospitals, and mosques, and public markets and civilian homes with various types of weapons.

Whoever is trying today to justify the atrocities taking place against civilians in Syria is a partner in these crimes.

The Syrian National Coalition renews its calls for referring the war crimes in Syria to the International Criminal Court in order to hold accountable all those who are targeting civilians or committing war crimes against them. Those who are rejecting these calls confirm their partnership in these crimes and their direct responsibility for them.

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