Friday, 17 March 2017 08:57

Syrian Coalition Condemns Damascus Bombings & Blames Assad Regime

Press Release
Media Department
Syrian Coalition
March 16, 2017

The Syrian Coalition condemns the terrorist bombings that targeted civilians in Damascus on Wednesday, stressing that the Assad regime and the Iranian-backed militias stand behind these attacks.

The attacks are part of attempts by the Assad regime to put increasing pressure on the Syrian people, particularly residents of Damascus, by terrorizing them into leaving their homes to replace them with Iranian mercenaries. These attacks are just another tactic employed by the regime to change the demographic landscape in key areas across Syria.

Judges, lawyers, and civilians killed in attacks on the “Palace of Justice” building and a restaurant in central Damascus are among the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Assad regime.

May our wounded recover, our detainees be free, and our fallen heroes rest in peace.
Long live Syria and the Syrian people, free and with honor.

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