Thursday, 21 December 2017 09:08

Syrian Coalition Condemns Massacre in Maar Shoureen; Urges Int’l Action to Stop Russia & Assad Regime’s Crimes

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Media Department
December 20, 2017

Vacuum bombs are the means chosen by the Russian occupiers to "support" a solution in Syria. Russian jets bombed the town of Maar Shoureen in rural Idlib, killing at least 16 people, mostly women and children, and injuring dozens more.

Four Russian jets raided residential areas and civilian homes in the center of the town on Tuesday (19 December). Russian jets also bombed two neighboring towns in an attack that came just two days after another massacre claimed the lives of 17 people, mostly women and children, who were killed in Russian airstrikes on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in rural Idlib. Russian jets hit the town with the internationally banned incendiary phosphorus and napalm-filled bombs.

The Assad regime and Russian occupiers continue to pursue policies aimed at killing and besieging civilians. They have used all means in order to prevent reaching a political solution including the committing of war crimes against civilians and the repeated violations of the so-called ‘de-escalation zones’ agreement.

The Coalition condemns this heinous massacre and calls for international action to stop the crimes being committed by Russia and the Assad regime. The Coalition stressed that statements made by the representatives of the active players have so far failed to put pressure on the Assad regime and Russian occupiers. These statements cannot absolve the international community of its legal and humanitarian responsibilities to protect civilians and maintain peace and security in Syria.

The Coalition underscores that negotiations and political solution are in great danger. It is therefore urgent that the international community and the UN Security Council provide sufficient support to salvage the negotiating process and reactivate it in a serious, effective way. There is also an urgent need to enforce international resolutions on the ongoing violations of UN resolutions, especially UN Security Council 2268 and 2254 to ensure that perpetrators are held to account.

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