Tuesday, 16 September 2014 11:59

Aerial Shelling on Rural Hama Displace 6,000 People

The General Directorate for Refugees of the Syrian interim government said that “the brutal aerial bombardment in northern rural Hama have led to the displacement of around 6,000 since Monday. Adham Mohamed, director of partnerships and communication in the General Directorate for Refugees said that the Directorate is working with different organizations to secure tents for the displaced people who many of them have sought shelter under the trees due to the lack of tents. These organizations include Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU), the Saudi Campaign, the Turkish IHH organization, and Hand by Hand organization. Mohamed said that once the displaced people are sheltered in tents, we will provide them with water and food supplies.” He expects an increase in the number of the displaced over the coming days in light of the ongoing aerial bombardment on northern rural Hama. Activists said that around 40 air raids targeted the town of Al Lattamina and the surrounding towns. The Directorate pointed out that with the regime forces’ capture of the towns of Taybet al-Imam, Khattab and Halfaya, many people were forced to flee to refugee camps near the Turkish borders. (Source: Syrian Interim Government + Syrian Coalition)

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