Thursday, 09 July 2015 18:12

De Mistura Meets With Syrian Tribes Delegation in Geneva

Vice-President Hisham Marwa said that the UN envoy Staffan de Mistura’s meeting with representatives of the Syrian tribes who oppose the Assad regime falls within the framework of the consultations conducted by de Mistura in Geneva.

Marwa added that the delegation presented the Syrian tribes’ its view of the solution in Syria and their position on the Geneva Communique to the UN envoy.

Marwa stresses that the Syrian tribes are fully and effectively involved in the Syrian revolution and are integral part of the Free Syrian Army, the political factions and the Syrian Coalition.

"The situation in Iraq is completely different from the one in Syria as the war on ISIS is being fought by all Syrians. Seeking the tribal communities’ help in the war on ISIS is an issue that is determined by all Syrians as a whole and not by the tribal communities alone. We are certain the tribal communities will not accept to be a tool in the hands of certain sides, and that any decision concerning the fight against ISIS will be made through consultation with the Syrian opposition and rebel factions. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Al Sharq al-Awsat)

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