Sunday, 21 September 2014 02:22

Dozens Killed in Aerial Shelling on Rural Idlib

Activists said that five civilians were killed in barrel bomb attacks on the district of Ard al-Hamra in Aleppo, while four civilians were wounded in similar attacks on Hanano. Regime forces launched raid and search operations in the neighborhood of Al Shahbaa’ and arrested a number of young people under the age of 18, while the Free Syrian Army blew up on of the regime’s headquarters in the neighborhood of Ashrafieh in Aleppo. Rebels shelled ISIS positions near the town of Souran in rural Aleppo, while 16 civilians were killed in an air strike on the towns of Abu al-Duhur and Khan Shaikhoun in rural Idlib. Nine civilians were also killed in an air raid on the town of Binnish. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Smart News + Sham News)

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