Saturday, 02 January 2016 17:52

Large-scale Regime Offensive on Sheikh Misskin in Rural Dara’a

After weeks of military buildup, regime forces and Iranian militias have launched a large-scale offensive to recapture the strategic town of Sheikh Misskin in rural Dara’a under close air support by the Russian air force. The town, which has no ISIS presence, is being pounded by a barrage of mortar shells, rockets and barrel bombs.

The Syrian Coalition reiterated its condemnation of Russia’s aggression on Syria; in particular Russia’s deliberate targeting of Syrian civilians in violation of recent UN Security Council resolution 2254, which called for “immediate cessation of all attacks against civilians.” 

In a statement released earlier today, the Syrian Coalition stressed that Russia is a partner to the Assad regime's crimes against the Syrian people as it continues to provide air support for the Assad regime in its war against the Syrian people and the Free Syrian Army.

“Dozens of Russian air strikes on the town where ISIS does not hold territory demonstrate once again the nature of Russia’s plans in Syria; namely to shore up the Assad regime in its war on the Syrian people and the Free Syrian Army,” the Syrian Coalition stressed.

“Russian air strikes, directed exclusively at Syrian civilians and the Free Syrian Army, prove yet again that fighting terrorism has never been part of Russia’s plans in Syria,” the statement added.

The Syrian Coalition also said that “while the shameful inaction by the international community regarding the Russian invasion in Syria continues, Russia is yet to realize its intervention in Syria is doomed to fail.”

“The Syrian people, while remaining steadfast, continue to defend the revolution in the face of the Assad regime, Hezbollah militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. They have endured and thwarted the Russian attack for three months. The Syrian people will eventually emerge victorious with the help of the Free Syrian Army that put up exemplary resistance in Sheikh Misskin and indeed across Syria,” the statement added. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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