Tuesday, 05 January 2016 20:37

Ramadan: Iranian Regime Symbol of Chaos and Terrorism in the Region

Member of the Syrian Coalition Ahmed Ramadan said that “the Iranian regime has become a symbol of chaos, terrorism and aggression, not only in our country but in many countries in the region.”

Ramadan spoke during a panel discussion with the Iranian resistance held yesterday under the title: “The Human Death Toll of the Mullahs’ Regime in Syria and its Causes”. Saleh Hamid, a human rights activist from the occupied Ahwaz region, and Snaberq Zahedi, a chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran also participated in the panel discussion. 

Ramadan suggested holding a conference to bring together the Iranian opposition and Arab political forces to send a message to the world that the Iranian regime does not represent the Iranian people and is a pariah regime inside and outside Iran.

Ramadan pointed out that “Arabs do not oppose the Iranian people but the Iranian regime whose policies have caused much harm to Arabs and to the peoples of the region as a whole.”

Zahedi said the Iranian official news agency (IRNA) announced that 400 Iranian nationals were killed in Syria. He added that while the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been involved in Syria since the very beginning, the Iranian regime has stepped up its intervention in Syria in early 2013.

Zahedi pointed out that these losses indicate an end of an era in the war the Iranian and the Assad regimes have waged against the Syrian people.

Hamid referred to a growing public indignation in Iran, not only among the opposition but also among national and religious minorities. He also said executions in Iran peaked under Rouhani’s rule who claims to be a moderate.

Hamid called on the Arab countries to stand by the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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