Sunday, 12 October 2014 15:06

Supporting the FSA is a Prerequisite for Defeating Terrorism

Hadi al Bahra, president of the Syrian Coalition, said that empowering the Free Syrian Army is the only feasible way to fight terrorism, pointing out that the international anti-ISIS coalition cannot accomplish its mission if the airstrikes are restricted to fighting ISIS while ignoring the Assad regime which is the root cause of terrorism. Bahra’s remarks were made during General Assembly meeting which concludes tomorrow. Bahra also said that “any military action cannot achieve its objectives unless if it propped up with a comprehensive political solution that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people and ensure stability in Syria, Iraq and the entire region." Bahra reiterated the calls for creating a buffer zones to shelter the increasing number of displaced Syrians on the one hand, and allow for the Syrian Coalition and the interim government to work from inside the Syrian territories on the other. Nasr al-Hariri, Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition, criticizes the hesitation of world decision-makers to establish a buffer zone in northern Syria, saying that “even in the case of the materialization of this proposal, it would still fall short of the demands and the needs of the Syrian people. It is strange how such demand, aimed at protecting the Syrian refugees, and simple as it is, is a matter of debate at the table of justice and international law. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have taken to the streets since the early months of the Syrian revolution demanding the imposition of a buffer zone and a no-fly zone over parts of Syria to protect the Syrian people from Assad’s indiscriminate aerial shelling and barrel bombs.” Hariri concluded his remarks saying that “both the buffer zone and the no-fly zone, if they materialized, would set the stage for toppling the Assad regime and the creation of the state of justice and law." Hariri's remarks were made amid mixed signals by the international community towards Turkey’s calls for establishing a buffer zone and a no-fly zone to protect civilians inside Syria and as a prerequisite to join the anti-ISIS coalition. Britain and France declared their support for this move. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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