Wednesday, 11 December 2013 16:56

Syrian Coalition: Assad and Hezbollah Share a Common Madness

The Syrian Coalition renewed its call for the international community to assume its responsibility to stand against the militias of Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran who the Syrian Coalition described as "sharing common madness and whose heads are filled with the thought of death and killing of others without discrimination." The Syrian Coalition remarks were released on the 1000th day of the Syrian revolution. The Syrian Coalition points out that "there are three million refugees registered with the United Nations in the Middle East alone, including one million children. According to the United Nations, 130,000 people were killed." 250,000 Syrians are trapped in Homs, Aleppo and Damascus. The statement adds that Syrians are starving and deprived of water, added to this the eight million Syrians living at the poverty line, with around five million  Syrians living in extreme poverty, and six million people have been forced to leave their homes." The statement goes on to say: "There have been violations against the rights of thousands of disabled people Syria, and hundreds of thousands of people were permanently disabled during the 33-month long revolution, there are more than 250,000 detainees and missing in Syria who the Assad regime declined to give any information about their whereabouts."  The statement added that thousands of detained women were raped, and that hundreds of children have been detained since the begining of the revolution. The statement describs the attack on Ghouta with chemical weapons, where more than 1,400 civilians were killed as "the worst forms of genocide  in the 21st  century." The statement concluded that at least 20 massacres were committed by the Assad regime and terrorist militias of Hezbollah" using primitive where 2,885 victims were slaughtered with knives." (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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