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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 12:26

Syrian Coalition Happy with Chief of Staff Appointment of Brigadier General Bashir

The Syrian Coalition pays tribute to the heroes of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and welcomes the decision of its Supreme Military Council (SMC) to appoint Brigadier General Adulilah al Bashir Chief of Staff of the FSA, and colonel Haitham Afeissa Deputy Chief of Staff of the FSA. The Coalition highly appreciates the important role the SMC is playing as it defends the people facing a terrorist tyrant regime. The Syrian Coalition also highly values the role played by General Salim Idris throughout the past year. General Idris showed resilience and great perseverance during tough times. He was among the first officers to refuse to side with the criminal regime and decided to join the revolution of freedom, justice, and democracy. Colonel Riad al Assaad, former head of the FSA, Brigadier General Mustafa al Sheikh, and Lieutenant Hussein Harmoush were also among the first and their contributions are highly valued. We pay tribute to the FSA and other fighting groups which adhere to the guiding principles of the revolution, and we reiterate our determination to fend off Assad’s forces and shabiha, the Islamic State in Iraq and al Sham (ISIS), and Hezbollah’s militias backing the Assad regime’s war on the Syrian people. (Source: Syrian Coalition)