Syrian Coalition Makes a Condolence Visit to the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul

Noura Al Ameer, vice president of the Syrian Coalition, made a condolence visit to the Dutch consulate in Istanbul after the death of Father Francis Van Der Lugt, who was assassinated in Homs last week. The condolence letter said that the Syrian people strongly condemn the assassination of Father Francis. The Assad regime is undoubtedly involved in the murder of Father Francis.” The letter also praised Father Francis, who used to help the trapped people in the Old City of Homs and who shared food with them despite his old age. Father Francis also shared them their suffering as a result of the regime’s constant bombing and crippling siege of the city. He was sympathetic to the Syrian Revolution and to Syrian’s demands for freedom and democracy. The Assad regime has been liquidating everyone who expressed the slightest opposition to its rule or protested against repression and tyranny.” The letter also stresses that “the assassination of Father Francis shocked Syrians more than anyone else because they consider him a Syrian citizen who lived with them for long time and who refused to leave the besieged city. Father Francis appeared in many video recordings from inside Homs to convey the truth to the world about the suffering of the unarmed civilians who are being starved and bombed by regime forces. He made many calls for the international community to enter the relief aid to children, women and the elderly. During the Geneva talks, father Francis sent a letter of support for the Syrian revolution and defied Assad’s claims that “terrorists” are detaining civilians in the city.” Al Ameer concluded the letter stressing that “Syria has lost a great cleric who sacrificed his life for the country he loved and where he lived, just like it lost a many Muslim and Christian clerics.” The Dutch consulate responded by thanking the Syrian Coalition for the condolence visit, pointing out that Father Francis was as dear as the rest of the Syrians. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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