Friday, 16 January 2015 00:22

Syrian Coalition Meets with US Central Command

Leadership of the Syrian Coalition and the Free Syrian Army met with members of the US Central Command and with the US special envoy to Syria Daniel Rubenstein to discuss the US train and equip program and to reach a better understanding of the situation on the ground in Syria. Khaled Khoja, president of the Syrian Coalition, said that “our top priorities now are providing training for the FSA and restructuring it according to international standards, adding that this training must be accompanied by providing unlimited support and advanced weapons capable of changing the balance on the ground in favor of the FSA. Khoja points out that “the train and equip program will be carried out in coordination with a number of countries of the Friends of Syria group people and the Syrian interim Ministry of Defense. Khoja calls for imposing safe protected havens in northern and southern Syria to ensure the success of train and equip program and allow for the return of large number of refugees to those areas, stressing the need to hold more meetings and discussions about this program. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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