Friday, 11 May 2018 19:30

Syrian Coalition Sends Letter to Syrian People’s Friends to Block Law No. 10 & Raise the Issue at International Level

President of the Syrian Coalition Abdurrahman Mustafa has sent a letter to leaders of friendly countries, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Arab League to warn of the dangers of Law No. 10 which the Assad regime issued recently. The letter stressed that the new legalization will primarily serve Iran’s plans to consolidate its control over Syria.

President Mustafa warned of the consequences of the new legalization for the internally displaced people and refugees outside Syria as it threatens to confiscate the homes and property of hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians who have been forcibly displaced inside Syria and abroad. He pointed out that the new legalization also threatens to deprive hundreds of thousands of Syrians of the right to return to their homes which they were forced to flee following brutal sieges and military operations by the Assad regime and the Iranian terrorist militias.

Attached with the letter was the outcome of the workshop the Syrian Coalition held in April in cooperation with the Day After organization on Law No. 10 and its possible consequences for the Syrians people.

The workshop was attended by the Coalition’s legal committee, judges, lawyers, administrators, constitutional experts as well as technical experts from the Association of Engineers, technical departments in municipalities and real estate register.

The workshop concluded that the new legalization is intended to legitimize the mass forced displacement operations and perpetuate their outcome. It also concluded that confiscated property will be granted to Assad regime loyalists and those linked with Iranian regime, which risks allowing Iran to consolidate its influence through non-military means. The legalization will also allow Iranian companies to seize control of strategic and vital areas in Damascus and its suburbs as well as in the rest of Syrian regions.

President Mustafa called on the international community to take serious action to block Law No. 10 and preserve the rights of Syrians and their property as well as prevent Iran from implementing its sectarian project in the region. He warned that the implementation of this legalization will cause reconstruction contracts go to the new owners, which risks serving the demographic engineering being pursued by the Assad regime and preventing the return of refugees to their areas and homes in the future. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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