Thursday, 06 October 2016 22:42

Syrian Coalition to Discuss De Mistura’s Proposal with Aleppo Rebel Groups

The Syrian Coalition said it will discuss with rebel groups the proposal put forward by the UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura who suggested Russian and Assad regime forces should immediately stop aerial bombing of Aleppo if the militants from the Fatah al-Sham Front group, formerly known as the Nusra Front, leave the city.

The Coalition stressed that for talks with the rebel groups in Aleppo to be fruitful, the United Nations must provide guarantees for the immediate halt of the bombing and the targeting of civilians in Aleppo; the delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilians trapped inside; and the evacuation of the wounded and sick.

In a press conference held in Geneva on Thursday, De Mistura said that history would judge Russia and the Assad regime harshly if they used the presence of “the extremists” in eastern Aleppo as an “easy alibi” to raze the area with missiles. He added that if Fatah al-Sham militants lay down their weapons “in dignity” and leave, he would “personally” accompany them out.

"Since 23rd of September, 376 people have been killed in Aleppo, one third of them children cannot be all terrorists," de Mistura said, adding that “there is a need of medical evacuation…for 200 people in eastern Aleppo." He stressed that the bombing of bakeries and hospitals in Aleppo is the worst thing that has happened since the start of Assad’s war on the Syrian people in 2011. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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