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09 June 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Interim Government (SIG), in cooperation with Homs provincial local council and Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU), managed to provide drinking water for residents of the besieged town of Talbeesa in rural Homs. The town suffered water outage resulting from bombardment by regime forces on pumping stations and declining groundwater reserves in the area.

SIG resupplied the town located 11 km to the north of Homs with drinking water through the implementation of the “Resupply Talbeesa" project. Pumps were installed on Sariko water pipe line connecting the provinces of Homs and Hama. SIG also secured resources need to operate these pumps.

SIG head Jawad Abu Hatab said the project is primarily humanitarian as the people in Talbeesa have been subjected to suffocating siege by regime forces. “The project has effectively helped ease the siege on the area by resupplying the local population with water and will also support the resilience of the FSA fighters in the area against the dictatorial Assad regime,” Abu Hatab added.

Abu Hatab pointed out that SIG seeks to play a greater role in the implementation of development projects and in meeting the urgent needs of the civilian population in all liberated areas across Syria.

The town of Talbeesah, home to around 50,000 people, has been subjected to crippling siege by the Assad regime for over three years. The FSA-held town has also been subjected to sporadic bombardment by regime forces and their allied foreign militias. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

09 June 2017 In Coalition News

Members of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee discussed the latest field and humanitarian developments in the ​​Houla plain area in rural Homs.

The discussions took place during a teleconference with the Unified Local Council in the Houla area on Friday. The meeting came as part of the reform program and plans developed by the new leadership of the Coalition headed by President Riad Seif to follow-up on the situation on the ground in the liberated areas.

The two sides discussed the situation on the ground in Houla and the impact of the siege the Assad regime imposes on the FSA-held area, especially the deteriorating educational and humanitarian situation.

Members of the Council said that regime continues to bomb civilians in the area. They pointed to a decline in airstrikes on the area following the signing of the “de-escalation zones” agreement but stressed that regime forces continue to shell the area with artillery and heavy machine guns.

The members praised the positions of the Syrian Coalition as they reaffirmed full support for its political stance as well as for representing the Syrian people on the international level as the body seeking to achieve their aspirations and the goals of the revolution.

For their part, members of the political committee stressed that the Coalition will spare no effort to help the Council overcome the difficulties and challenges facing it. Efforts will be coordinated with the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) and Homs provincial council to alleviate the suffering of civilians in the area, they added. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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