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11 September 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition condemned the bombing of civilians in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa by the Russian air force, the international coalition forces, and the militias of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Coalition said that these crimes are added to “an endless litany of war crimes by the Russian invaders against the Syrian people amid complete international silence.”

Dozens of civilians were killed and wounded in airstrikes by the Russian occupation forces on Sunday on eastern rural Deir Ezzor. The airstrikes targeted civilians while they were crossing the Euphrates River to escape the intense bombardment.

At least 15 people were reportedly killed in airstrikes by the international anti-ISIS coalition on an ISIS-run prison near the town of Albu Kamal in rural Deir Ezzor.

Moreover, at least 17 civilians were killed in artillery shelling by militias of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are backed by the US-led international coalition forces, on the neighborhoods of Raqqa where ISIS fighters are holed up on Sunday.

The Coalition reiterated its condemnation of the relentless shelling on Raqqa by the SDF militias. It is imperative that the international community shoulder its responsibilities to stop the ongoing crimes and massacres against civilians trapped in the city. The international anti-ISIS coalition bears responsibility for the support it provides to the SDF militias.

The Coalition also reaffirmed condemnation of the death of civilians by the international coalition forces as it calls for an end to these attacks and the opening of a transparent investigation into these attacks. Measures also need to be taken to ensure accountability for these attacks and more needs to be done than making of bald statements while waiting for time to pass by.

Moreover, the Coalition stressed that “the fight against ISIS cannot be done by killing civilians nor by supporting the Assad regime or other terrorist militias. Terrorism and extremism cannot be defeated once and for all unless the international community takes a firm position towards the source of terrorism, namely the Assad regime which bears the primary responsibility for the spread of terrorism in Syria and the region.”

The Coalition reaffirmed its clear position of the fight terrorism and the importance of liberating Raqqa and all Syria from the ISIS extremist group through supporting the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and showing full commitment to the protection and safety of civilians. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

11 September 2017 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition said that civilians in the Syrian Desert, who live in dire conditions in camps as well as fighters of the Free Syrian Army have been receiving constant threats that they will be bombed by the Russian and Assad regime’s air forces. They have been also subjected to continuing attacks by the terrorist Iranian militias.

In a press release issued on Sunday, the Coalition said that “civilians and the FSA fighters are also being subjected to increasing pressure to leave the area.”

“However, fighters of Usoud Alsharqiya and Ahmed Alabdo FSA groups insist they would continue to confront the mercenaries of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and ISIS as well as to protect civilians in the area, who were mostly displaced as a result of Assad's crimes,” the Coalition added.

The Coalition called on the international anti-ISIS coalition to provide the necessary protection for civilians and the FSA groups operating in the Syrian Desert. The Coalition stressed “the need for the ceasefire to cover all the area and for stopping the threats being made by the Russian forces.” The Coalition also called “for enabling the FSA fighters to confront all terrorist militias in the area.”

The Coalition commended “efforts being made by the brothers in Jordan to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians in the Syrian Desert and to provide them with the necessities of a decent life.”

The Coalition reasserted “the strong ties between the Syrian and Jordanian peoples and its keenness to strengthen these ties.” It commended Jordan’s “constructive efforts to meet the aspirations of the Syrian people for freedom, dignity, and justice.” (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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