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08 September 2018 In Coalition News

The Syrian Coalition said that the anti-regime demonstrations that swept across towns and villages of Idlib province on Friday reflected the Syrian people’s absolute commitment to their demands and that they were ready to confront the regime should it make any reckless move in Idlib.

In press release issued on Friday, the Coalition saluted demonstrators who took to the streets in more than 90 locations across Idlib province to denounce the Assad regime’s issuance of threats to attack the province. Demonstrators also expressed their outright rejection of the latest remarks by the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura as representing a green light to further murder and displacement of innocent civilians.

“Through these demonstrations, the Syrian people sent out clear, strong messages denoting their high morale and indomitable will to confront the Assad regime in Idlib and that any reckless move would be very costly to the Assad regime and its allies,” the Coalition said.

“Waving the flag of the Syrian revolution, demonstrators reiterated their rejection of the so-called reconciliations and settlements with the Assad regime, reaffirming their absolute commitment to the principles of the revolution and its continuation until the overthrow of the Assad regime. They also renewed their total rejection of terrorism in all its forms as they recalled the role of the Free Syrian Army in the fight against terrorism.”

Activists earlier called for widespread demonstration after Friday prayers under the title "resistance is our choice" to demonstrate that rebel fighters were ready to confront any military action by the Assad regime and its allies in the region.

Demonstrators gathered in the majority of the main squares of Idlib city, waving the flag of the Syrian revolution and carrying sings denouncing the Assad regime and refusing to surrender. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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