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23 January 2020 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition’s political committee held its periodic meeting on Thursday. The meeting began with a discussion of the latest military developments and the gains recently made by the Syrian National Army and the losses incurred by the Assad regime and its backers. The committee also discussed the political process and the latest developments regarding the holding of a new round of talks by the Constitutional Committee in Geneva.

The meeting, which was chaired by President of the Syrian National Coalition, Anas al-Abda, brought together Head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission Nasr al-Hariri, Co-chair of the Constitutional Committee, Hadi al-Bahra, and Head of the Syrian Interim Government, Abdurrahman Mustafa.

President Al-Abda applauded the SNA’s fending off of the Assad regime forces and Iranian militias in Idlib province and rural Aleppo. He stressed that the armed opposition are fully prepared to foil any regime attempt to advance on the liberated areas in light of the international community’s failure to force the Assad regime and its backers to respect the ceasefire.

SIG’s Head Abdurrahman Mustafa pointed to the increasing challenges facing SIG with the influx of IDP fleeing Idlib province and western and southern rural Aleppo. He stressed the need for greater humanitarian intervention by the United Nations and for effective cooperation between the UN and partners on the ground. He also stressed the need to strengthen the work of the local councils to enable them to meet the basic needs of the IDP.

The participants also discussed the developments in the political process and the visit the UN envoy, Geir Pedersen will make to Moscow to discuss the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the Constitutional Committee.

Hariri spoke of an international move to hold a new round of talks by the Constitutional Committee. He said that the expectations were low due to the lack of a real desire on the part of Russia to advance the political process and its insistence on pursuing bloody military operations. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

23 January 2020 In Coalition News

The Syrian National Coalition said that the free world undoubtedly has the ability to rein in the criminal, but it does not have the will to do so.

“For the Russian occupiers, every announcement of a truce agreement is no more than a new opportunity to commit more massacres and transfer their killing machines from one battlefront to another,” the Coalition said in a press release issued on Wednesday.

The Coalition pointed out that the most heinous crimes are taking place against the Syrian people on a daily basis without any international actor moving a finger.

“The mere sponsoring of agreements is not a sign of concern for reaching a solution or stopping the killings inasmuch as these truces have become a means to cover up the ongoing atrocities.”

The Coalition added: “The latest crimes of the Russian and Iranian occupation claimed the lives of 28 civilians on Tuesday, including children and women, as well as left dozens wounded as a result of aerial bombardment that targeted towns and villages in Aleppo and Idlib provinces.”

“These crimes will be added to the track record of Russia and its partners, namely Iran and the Assad regime. The free world must stop acting as a powerless witness to these crimes. The Syrian people do not expect more silence from the international community as this silence only causes them more agony. They rather expect an ethical attitude and decisive action to put an end to the congoing carnage, now in its ninth year.” (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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