Tuesday, 28 January 2020 20:27

Monitor: Nearly 170,000 Fled Homes in Aleppo & Idlib Since Jan 1st

Local activists said that attacks of the Assad regime and its Russian backer on the towns of Ariha, Saraqib, and Khan al-Sibil in rural Idlib forced more than 60,000 people to flee their homes in the past two days.

In a report issued on Tuesday, the Emergency Response Coordinators Team said that attacks by the Assad regime and its allies on the liberated areas have forced no fewer than 28,852 households or 167,131 people from their homes since the beginning of January.

The Team said that at least 18,406 households or 106,754 people fled their homes in western and southern rural Aleppo in the period between 16-28 January.

The Team called on civil bodies and humanitarian organizations to respond urgently to the needs of the displaced persons fleeing the targeted areas, urging the international community and international organizations to assume their responsibilities with regards to the relief of civilians in Idlib province.

Moreover, the Team called on the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, to make real efforts to stop the attacks on civilians in Idlib as it called on the international bodies concerned with the Syrian issue to intervene directly to stop the hostilities by the Assad regime and its allies. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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